World’s Children day is being celebrated by organizing Gadget free hour

World’s Children day: On the occasion of World’s Children Day today a Campaign is being organised across the world today by Parent Circle, an organisation of parents. In this campaign they have appealed people to spend time with children and family by staying away from their electronic gadgets from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

All Children Develop at Their Own Pace – Even an Educator's Child |  Children's Services Council of Broward County

The only motive of this campaign is to request parents to give quality time to children and spend time with family by not using their smartphones or other electronic gadgets for one hour.

The organization Parent Circle says that on the occasion of World Children’s Day on Saturday, more than 50 million people are expected to join this campaign.

They said that use of mobiles, laptops or other types of electronic gadgets have increased much after the Covid-19 pandemic

Around one million people were associated with the campaign when it was started in 2019 one million people participated through 41,635 schools

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